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Our Heart First and Foremost

Martha wanted to make sure everything was "just right" when the Savior visited her home. She enjoyed the planning and prepping but struggled with the "heart" of a servant. That is, until she encountered the gentle rebuke of Jesus. Her heart was changed and she learned to use her talents for God. 

In this narrative, Nici takes the listeners into the home of Martha as she prepares for a dinner party. "Martha" remenisces of the day her heart was changed and she began to serve others instead of herself. Listeners will leave challenged to serve the Lord with their WHOLE heart and not just their talents. 



Discover a Savior

The innkeeper's wife was present at the most miraculous birth in all of history! She witnessed the birth of her savior. 

In this narrative, Nici takes the listeners to a hillside in Bethlehem where they meet the Innkeeper's wife. She tells the story of the night Jesus was born and how she was realized that Jesus was the Savior she had been waiting for all of her life. At the end of the narrative, Nici does a lyrical dance to "Touched by a Child."